Blackberries: Properties and Benefits

Blackberries and mulberry belong to the same family
The blackberries grow wild throughout Europe, and it is easy to find in our countryside and forests, usually along the edge of the roads. The mulberry tree, on the contrary it is grown and its leaves are used as primary food for silkworms.

Blackberries ripen in the summer months when they take on a blackish color glossy; once cultured ranging consumed immediately, or may be stored in the refrigerator, but for a few days.

Like all other berries, blackberries are also known as "red fruits" and only recently it has been discovered that contain a large amount of substances with antioxidant properties.
Blackberries: Properties and benefits
The main substances contained in the blackberries are: fat, vitamin A, B9, and C, organic acids (citric, malic, tartaric acid), calcium, potassium, manganese, pectins , anthocyanosides.

Benefits and Curative Properties of Blackberries

The blackberries have different healing properties; once again a study of the properties of the food shows that cancer prevention starts from our type of feeding. A study conducted in Ohio and published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research in January 2009, confirmed the anti cancer activity of anthocyanins (the pigments that give color to fruits) and flavonoids , the latter can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

In addition to this important aspect the blackberries have depurative, diuretic, antirheumatic and refreshing properties; not only that, they also help to combat cardiovascular disease by keeping clean and elastic arteries, as they help to eliminate the "bad" cholesterol from the blood.

In case of intestinal problems, it is recommended to take blackberries or other berries because they contain a high percentage of fiber.
Blackberry Brandy

Get a liter of good quality brandy and soak 200 grams of freshly picked blackberries, a bit of cinnamon and two cloves of lemon peel; expose to sunlight for a couple of weeks, then store in a dark place for about a month.

After this period filter carefully everything and store in a cool place away from light for at least two months before you can consume it.
Blackberries: Properties and benefits
Blackberries: Properties and benefits
Chemical Composition
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Precautions and Tips
When we decide to go pick blackberries is good to consider that they are mature at the right point, intense black color and shiny, as if they were still a bit immature, they would taste sour and astringent effect too.

Please note that they are not too ripe, since, in addition to the loss of taste, there is also the risk that they have been visited by flies and other insects attracted by the greater exposure of sugars.

Finally, do not pick the blackberries that grow on the edge of the dusty roads or heavy traffic.

Due to their discrete nutritional properties due to sugars, flavor and inviting to the refreshing power, blackberries are a natural result to take into account with the poor appetite arising from the summer heat.
Blackberries and Calories

100 grams of blackberries have only 35 calories.
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Blackberries: properties and benefits
Blackberries: properties and benefits
Blackberries and Pregnancy
Blackberries contain folic acid (vitamin B9); during the early stages of pregnancy, a possible lack of this acid increases the risk of fetal malformation or problems related to the growth of the fetus itself. In addition, folic acid helps to regulate the levels of homocysteine, which in high amounts is capable of causing serious harm.
Blackberries Curiosity
Since ancient times, in the case of gum disease, it is advised to chew blackberry leaves; very often the leaves are used as ingredients in herbal teas and concoctions that are meant to cure pain from stomach ulcers.

News recently is that which comes from South Tyrol, where researchers have discovered a new type of substance, the ellagitannins. It is composed of substances capable of producing significant amounts of ellagic acid, a substance with protective properties not indifferent and only present in certain foods.
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