Marjoram: Properties and Benefits

The marjoram tree, Origanum majorana scientific name, is a perennial aromatic herb belonging to the Labiatae family; marjoram has a slightly bitter taste and a more intense flavor than oregano.

Marjoram can reach a height of 80-90 cm and has white color pink flowers that begin to appear during the summer season; thanks to its aromatic and therapeutic properties marjoram is used in the kitchen for flavoring many dishes.

Marjoram is harvested in early summer just before flowering and can be used fresh or dried; fresh retains its special flavor while dried loses a bit of its aromatic properties.
The essential oil of marjoram is obtained through steam distillation, from its dried flowers.
Marjoram: Properties and benefits
Marjoram is composed for the 8 % water, 40 % fibers, fat, ash, protein and sugar; minerals such as manganese and calcium are present in high percentage, followed by potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and zinc.

Among the vitamins we find A vitamin, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6, K and J vitamins, the beta-carotene and folate food .
Tne essential oil of marjoram is rich in tannins, flavonoids and terpenes .

Benefits and Curative Properties of Marjoram

Marjoram is useful not only in the kitchen but also possess therapeutic properties that, in some respects, are able to bring benefits to our health. Thanks to the content of C vitamin, marjoram has antispasmodic properties and is useful for colds and coughs; however, thanks to its calming and sedative properties, marjoram is indicated to combat anxiety, headache and insomnia.

In the form of infusion marjoram promotes the production of gastric juices and is then used to facilitate the digestive process; marjoram has also has expectorant properties, fungicide, bactericide and tonic.

In case of excessive nervousness caused by stress, a teaspoon of dried marjoram left to steep in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, proves to be an excellent remedy.
In case of headaches and insomnia four drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of sugar manifest their benefits.

A few drops of essential oil in water for the the bath is able to relax the nerves and promote sleep.

Marjoram, for the antiseptic properties of the essential oil, is useful in case of bloating and flatulence.

Marjoram Curiosity
In case of stuffy nose from cold it is possible to breathe for about 20 minutes the vapors produced by an infusion of marjoram still hot.

Marjoram is used in homeopathy to problems with the nervous system.

The dried marjoram retains its aromatic properties for a period of up to two years if well preserved.

With this plant you can prepare a wine with digestive properties; 20 grams of dried marjoram, put to soak in a liter of dry white wine for two weeks, giving rise to a good digestive.

Marjoram is also used for the preparation of herbal liquors and of the most famous Vermouth.

In many parts of Italy marjoram is also known as Persia because they think that this plant is native to that country.

Marjoram is a plant that grows up to an altitude of 1.000 meters and prefers the warm climate; not resistant to low temperatures near zero.

The intake of fresh marjoram can cause skin irritation in sensitive people.

In the Middle Ages it was believed that this plant had magical properties and was then used to ward off evil spirits.

Marjoram is a plant used by singers to protect the voice.

Marjoram and Muscle Pain
For external use marjoram is used for massage and frictions in case of muscular and rheumatic pains; for massage can dissolve 15-20 drops of essential oil in a glass with a finger of alcohol and proceed to massage the aching parts.

Always 15 drops added to bath water are beneficial in the case of muscle contractures.

Finally we point out the mild diuretic effect as part of the properties of marjoram.

Marjoram: Properties and benefits
Chemical Composition
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Maggiorana: proprietÓ e benefici
Marjoram: Properties and benefits
Marjoram Calories
100 grams of dried marjoram have 270 kcalories.
Marjoram: Properties and benefits
Marjoram: Properties and benefits
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