Bananas: Properties and Benefits


Like many other tropical fruits, the bananas have a prominent seasonality. Arrives on our tables from distant lands, along the climate between the two tropics. The transport is generally transported by ship, in cold storage, often with a controlled atmosphere, to prolong their shelf life.

The tree, thanks to its properties, as well as for its fruit, is a plant used for other uses. The fibers are rich in the leaves are used to make paper, cloth and rope. The leaves themselves are used for covering huts.

Bananas: properties and benefits
Bananas: properties and benefits

This fruit contains a fair amount of carbohydrates, is rich in fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Be emphasized that contains no fat, cholesterol and sodium that are known to be harmful to our body.

Other vitamins found in bananas are vitamin A, B1, B2, PP and in addition to potassium contains calcium, phosphorus and iron. Very important is the presence of potassium, essential for the functioning of the cardiovascular system, which provides several benefits.


Bananas have 65 kcal for 100 grams.

Healing Properties of Bananas

Studies conducted in Ireland, whose findings are published in the International Journal of Cancer, show that the regular consumption of bananas is a positive relationship with a reduction in the incidence of kidney cancer.

This is due  to the high potassium content. A banana a day, or nearly so, to ward off the risk of kidney cancer.

These fruits contain high amounts of anti-oxidants and components among other things, helps to lower blood pressure, regulate heart function and ensure bone health and eyesight.

Eating Bananas

The popularity of the bananas, thanks to their properties and benefits, is undisputed and universal. These fruits are among the most consumed foods in the world, right after the cereal. Energy intake of banana, once consumed, is immediate. Not at random is considered one of the most efficient fuel for the body, thanks to sugars, starches and fibers.

The result is an energy constant and no feeling in my stomach hole for several hours. The fruit is also indicated 40-50 minutes after exercise to restore vigor to the muscles through the contribution of glycogen.

Bananas: properties and benefits

Banana Cake



4 Bananas, three ounces of flour, a pound of sugar, two ounces of butter, three eggs, a packet of yeast.


Combine flour and sugar and stir, melt the butter and add the flour mix and add the eggs one by one and finally the yeast kneading everything right. Will get a soft dough by the color yellow. At this point you just have to cut the bananas into thin rounds and add to the dough.  After the dough Keep it in a buttered and deposits in the oven at 170 degrees for about half an hour.

Enjoy your meal!

Banana in Pills

Given the many benefits of this fruit as regards our healing, you could modify the proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and replace the apple with the banana.
Bananas contain a type of amino acid that is converted by our body into serotonin, which is able to act in a relaxed mood and make the most serene, the name is tryptophan.

They are very useful in cases of anemia, because, containing much iron, stimulate the production of hemoglobin in our blood.
The large amount of potassium found in bananas makes them a perfect food for those who suffer from high blood pressure, apparently the regular consumption of bananas can reduce up to 40% the risk of heart attack.

The potassium helps normalize the heartbeat and regulates the flow of oxygen to the brain.
This fruit is also used in diets for treating intestinal disorders, because, given its soft shape, is strongly recommended for those who have stomach problems. And it’s the only fruit that is able to neutralize acidity and reduce the irritation of the stomach wall.
It’s very easy thus restoring the amount of potassium in our body consumers simply bananas.

Bananas Tree

The word ‘trunk’ is reminiscent of a tree, but from a botanical point of view, the giant bananas are a herb, and the stem is actually formed by the vertical thick overlapping bases of leaves. Although imprecise, the term ‘trunk’ identifies the part of the plant that provides the ingredient.

In the Pacific islands, the outer layers of the trunk are used as disposable plates, by virtue of their strength, smoothness and the tightness of the surface, and the curved shape that allows it to use even for dishes sauces. The leaves are another element of great use for the banana tree. In the southern part of India are used as dishes, and for this reason, the median costs is not deleted.

Bananas: properties and benefits

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