Garlic: Properties and Benefits


Garlic (Allium sativum) belongs to the Lily family, plants that most have a bulb, which is nothing but a quick change barrel.  Few vegetables such as garlic can boast a number of food properties and health benefits so high that it becomes a valuable plant.

Garlic: properties and benefits
Garlic: properties and benefits


Appreciated since ancient times for its unique aroma, with the passage of time his fame was enriched with so many therapeutic attributes to the verge of being frequently used to heal, and especially to prevent other types of diseases and even epidemics. The Roman soldiers, for instance, consume huge quantities of garlic because they deemed able to purify and strengthen the body.

Chemical Composition

It is is composed from 80% water, 0.9% protein, 0.6% fat, 8.4% carbohydrate, 3.1% fiber total. Instead, these are the minerals: 3 mg. sodium, potassium 600 mg., iron, 1.5 mg., calcium 15 mg., phosphorus 63 mg.

The precious bulb contains about 400 different components of healing the human body. In addition to trace elements and minerals, garlic contains vitamins A, B1, B2, PP and C. Its most important properties depend, however, be present in essence solfurea bulb, which the active ingredient is allicin which has a strong antiseptic power.

The fresh bulbs contain from 0.1 to 0.4 of essential oil which, in addition to substances so far mentioned, there are other sulfur compounds, as well as hormonal substances.

Garlic: Healing Properties and Benefits

It acts primarily as an effective antiseptic and bactericidal, destroys germs and bacteria and prevents proliferation. And is one of the most effective antioxidant that there is in nature, thereby protecting the cells of our body from premature aging and by the deterioration and consequent diseases.

Very important benefits that garlic causes heart and circulatory system, thanks to its invigorating and balancing, strengthens the muscles of the heart and by thinning the blood, as well as to take action purifying, is important in determining the cleaning of streets and removal of the pathologies associated with them. Contrary to what many believe, garlic also has digestive properties and it is able to bring enormous benefits in the fight against intestinal parasites.

A recent study conducted in China and USA, suggests that vegetable is used regularly in the diet may have protective effects against cancer and, besides, possesses unique properties that can inhibit, retard or even reverse the process of human cancer. The results of these experiments were presented at the International Symposium on “New frontiers in hematology and oncology.”

Garlic on the Table

Green light for this vegetable on the table, raw, pressed or chopped on salads and a few parsley leaves, excellent on slices of country bread rubbed with a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil. If we wish to see its uses are endless, I think the only limit is represented by the fantasy of who prepares it.

Who believes that he can not tolerate or digest this vegetable, could start with small doses and then slowly increase the quantity, is a proven method that works, you just want to.

Pasta Garlic, Oil and Chilli

For true garlic lovers I recommend this pasta recipe, garlic, olive oil and  chili pepper, which provides for the use and maintenance of raw vegetable, in order to maintain intact the properties and benefits, as well as the taste.

Ingredients for one person:

100 g of pasta (spaghetti or bavette), two cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, parsley, dried chili.

Preparation: Assuming that everyone knows how to cook the pasta below will explain the preparation of oil-garlic-chili sauce that must be completed before they finish cooking the pasta.

Bring a small pan and pour two tablespoons of olive oil, take two cloves of garlic, cleaning them, and slice into small cubes or squeeze the juice with garlic (personally I prefer the cubes).

Light a fire under the pan with oil and then add the garlic, freshly cut (or squeezed), a little small pieces of dried chili (depending on your taste, but it’s best not to overdo it). IMPORTANT: Once you see the first bubbles around the garlic cooking immediately extinguish the fire in order to leave raw garlic and oil flavored by its taste. Once the pasta is cooked, pour into the pan with the garlic, add the chopped parsley (to taste), light the fire to low heat and stir for a couple of minutes. Enjoy your meal!

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Garlic: properties and benefits


From the earliest times, as deduced from old documents in Sanskrit, the plant with a strong pungent smell and persistent was acclaimed for its medicinal properties is prohibited in the monasteries in the past centuries because it is considered an aphrodisiac.

In the famous Codex Ebers of 1.550 BC Garlic is mentioned as a painkiller effective remedy against headaches, heart disease, insect stings, bites.

Hippocrates recommended the use of the plant for its medicinal qualities, during the first Olympic Games in Greece were given to athletes as a stimulant, Pliny the Elder, in Naturalis Historia, indicate several therapeutic uses, the Roman legionnaires used routinely as the garlic vermifuge and to fight various infectious diseases.

The Herbarium of Urbino, a manuscript of the sixteenth century, lists the healing powers, the school Salerno sings their praises.

Louis Pasteur, in 1858, it identifies the qualities of antibiotics. In the early twentieth century Albert Schweitzer uses it, in Africa, as the only remedy for dysentery, then the post shall be extended to combat epidemics of typhus, diphtheria, tuberculosis, influenza and cholera.

A healthy diet includes regular use of this vegetable, return to fight cellular aging by increasing the level of antioxidants in plasma and the effective action immunostimulant.

Garlic Curiosity

Since ancient times garlic plant was used not only for the particular aroma, but as a real plant food. The workers who worked in the construction of the great pyramid of Cheops, in Egypt, they used it daily as food, as well as alleviating the difficulty seems to increase the strength and physical power.

These virtues of a generic nature, Pliny adds others, judging diuretic, effective against intestinal worms, suitable to combat asthma, jaundice and even a useful antidote to the anger and venom. These positive circumstances over the centuries were added others, so that folk medicine in garlic saw a force that can heal and bring benefits in a variety of ailments.

It happened to the undersigned, a few years ago, warning of a mountaineer, that much he knew about the herbs in these terms:

“If you want to stay healthy do not forget to eat two cloves of garlic a week.” A suggestion that probably has its roots in the food culture of all humanity and that, in truth, it cost me no trouble since they follow a staunch admirer and supporter of its properties and benefits.

Garlic: properties and benefits

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