Lemon: Properties and Benefits


It seems to originate in India, but this fact we are not really sure Tthe word Limun in Arabic means either all citrus fruits. Might be that in ancient times, the citrus and its properties were already known to the Arab people and appealed, together with all other citrus fruits, with the name Limun.

Lemon: Properties and Benefits


An almost unique feature of the lemon is that it has the ability to flower continuously, so you can see in a lemon tree flowers, unripe fruits and ripe at once. 

Due to this fact the production of this citrus is present throughout the year, with a slowdown during the colder months. Unlike other citrus lemon may come to fruition even when disconnected from the plant and very often the lemons are picked while still green treated with a procedure fungicide, waxed and shipped to foreign markets, which are then treated to make them mature. For this reason it is best not to eat their skin, unless you are certain that come biological cultures.

Chemical Composition

Main properties of this fruit in the mass culture now reside in its high content of vitamin C, 100 g of fresh fruit, and fresh means just learned, containing 50 g of vitamin C. This vitamin is so important to our health is deteriorating very rapidly and its storage in the refrigerator fails to maintain the full course to 100%. In addition to vitamin C, fruit juice contains sucrose, glucose and fructose (sugars immediately assimilated), minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper and other important vitamins B and A.

Healing Properties and Benefits of Lemon

The lemon has purifying and detoxifying properties; its regular intake, preferably in the morning while still fasting, helps to regulate the bowels, and even fighting cellulite.  And it’s interesting to use is made of a substance found in lemon, called limonene, which is used successfully for the destruction of stones in the gallbladder and ultimately become famous, because, according to recent American studies, when taken regularly, would have owned cancer at the quote, especially with regard to the pancreas, stomach and intestine.

This citrus is highly recommended against nausea, diarrhea, and especially for those who need to strengthen the immune system, and its fresh juice has the ability to prevent atherosclerosis, has benefits on the liver, pancreas and blood, facilitate smooth. This fruit, when it is really cool, just learned, as well as remineralizing and antianaemic is a good activator of defenses and an excellent disinfectant. Finally, this fruit is also an effective moth killer natural: it is enough to hang in closets few canvas bag containing dried lemon peel to keep out the moths.

Lemon Cure

Lemon: Properties and Benefits


Lemon Cure consists of assuming the first day, fasting, the equivalent of one fruit juice of two lemons on the second day, three the third and so on until the fifteenth day when you get to drink the juice of fifteen lemons. The treatment then proceeds in reverse, fourteen, thirteen, twelve to completion the thirtieth day from the beginning.

Like all medical cure  is important to remember that it is not suitable for everybody, because it is not, as many believe, a generic treatment to detoxify and purify, but an energetic antitartarico treatment, which in some cases contradicts the occurrence of unwanted accumulations of calcium. Before undertaking this care is good to be sure you have a good physical shape and not be too thin. Disregarding these instructions means putting yourself at risk of experiencing some form of insomnia, weight loss and general weakness.


As with many other foods, the combination of lemon with other foods can cause side effects, such as acids and digestive difficulties. Not to be combined with starchy foods such as bread, rice, chestnuts, potatoes, tomatoes and sweet fruit.

Other Benefits

Combats anemia because vitamin C enhances iron absorption by the body, thereby facilitating the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen to various parts of the body.

Neutralizes toxic chemicals such as nitrates and chemicals produced in food and during digestion.

Maintains healthy teeth and gums, blood vessels and promotes wound healing, the high percentage of vitamin C helps prevent heart attacks.

The antioxidant power of vitamin C helps to block free radicals from our organism, thus slowing the aging of our cells, particularly those involving the brain.


For those who in any way mean giving up the raw seafood is important to know that a few drops of lemon juice, remove, within minutes, all the bacteria present on oysters. For those who unfortunately has problems with drinking water, remember that you can make drinking a liter of water by adding the juice of a squeezed lemon.

According to Japanese research, the people working on the computer do the 54% fewer errors if the environment in which they work is scented with lemon. Indeed, the essential oil of lemon is used to help concentration and memory. Weekly brushing your teeth with citrus juice helps keep them white and shiny, while rubbing the scalp with a lotion made with 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon lemon juice helps combat brittleness or excessive hair fall.

Limoncello Recipe

Limoncello Recipe

Limoncello is a liqueur typical of the Amalfi Coast (Italy), thanks to the remarkable qualities that grow there.

Ingredients: one liter of pure alcohol, 8 ripe lemons, a couple of lemon leaves, 900 grams of sugar, and half a liter of water.

Preparation: Peel the fruits very gently without going to the white part of lemon. Once finished, take the skins and place into an airtight container with pure alcohol ( 90°) and possibly a few leaves of lemon.

Leave this to marinate for at least ten days, remembering to shake the container occasionally. Dissolve 500 grams of sugar in a pint of warm water and add to the mixture prepared ten days before.

Let marinate all for another ten days, reminding us always to shake once a day, then you can filter everything and bottling.

Limoncello should be stored and served at low temperatures, 5 °, 6 °.

Lemon: properties and benefits

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