Nutrition and Anticancer Diet

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Nutrition and Anticancer Diet

Nutrition and Anticancer Diet: We Are What We Eat

We are what we eat, the ancients said, and today we have also the medicine confirmation; in short, the food that enters in our body through the mouth comes digested, metabolized and employed in order to form new cells that will go to make part of our body.

Nutrition and Anticancer Diet
Nutrition and Anticancer Diet

Practically of all the food of which we feed ourselves we withhold something, based on the characteristics of the same food, this  seems to be a discounted concept.

But all the food are not equal; if it is true that we are what we eat we would have to choose, for the well-being of our body, only the better food, thus respecting a proper nutrition to the aim to prevent, for how much is in our power, that which is considered the true tragedy of our century: the cancer.

To put a balanced nutrition in existence, including in it all a series of characteristic having food proven anti cancer, this is what we can make, the rest is in the hands of God. 

In recent decades, exposure to mutagens such as smoke and air pollution, abuse of refined foods and too high in fat, have doubled the incidence of cancer.  If it is true that with pollution of our cities can do little, it is also true that we can do a lot with regard to our diet and the choice of an appropriate nutrition to our health in terms of anti cancer prevention.

The purpose of this page is to show those who are still considered food that have anti cancer properties cleared and describe their main features.

What follows is therefore only a brief mention of what is, in broad terms the type of food that should be avoided for our health.

Foods to Avoid in Our Anticancer Diet

Nutrition and anticancer diet
Nutrition and anticancer diet

First the excess meat and sausages, because, in addition to an abundance of saturated fats contain preservatives such as nitrates that can be very harmful to our health.

Very discouraged cook the meat on the grill, this type of cooking releases benzopyrene, a carcinogen known.

Even cooking with a pressure cooker is not recommended because the high temperature completely destroys the vitamin C in food included.

Another type of cooking that should be avoided, or at least used very sparingly in the cooking of food is frying, the high temperature free indeed a carcinogen called acrolein.

Excessive use of salt is a very risky behavior for our health, it is a very dangerous molecule that is sodium, which is responsible for water retention and cardiac fatigue.

Its abuse can be correlated with the occurrence of certain types of cancer, so it is strongly recommended to control the intake of salt in our anticancer diet.

For those wishing to deepen the argument about how we can protect you from cancer to see the ten rules that are summarized in a volume published by the global fund for cancer research and are a good starting point Reifer to understand better what is meant by anticancer diet.

We now go to examine which are the alimony to insert in our health diet as considered in possession of substances to anticancer activity.

Foods Containing Antioxidants

The health food are some thirty, have been studied and classified by scientists who have shown that regularly eating these foods helps to prevent illness more or less serious heart disease, cancer, aging, diabetes and more.

All these diseases have in common the process of oxidation that is caused by oxygen atoms without an electron which attack the molecules near destruction. For contrast, and groped to prevent this mechanism, there is help in the use of certain health food in our anticancer diet.


Of course doesn’t exist a magic formula anticancer able to preserve us from such diseases as there is always a combination of factors, some unknown to us, which may contribute to the onset of many different diseases.

However, there is a lifestyle that, if implemented, is definitely able to deliver significant benefits to our health; proper nutrition, together with a constant physical activity and the control of stress, are certainly the foundation for doing everything in our power in order to keep us healthy as long as possible.

The Health Foods


Garlic: Properties and benefits

GARLIC: It’s one of the most effective natural antioxidants existing, it contains almost 400 components for treating the human being, it is useful against the aging, prevents cancer and lowers intestinal cholesterol.



Algae: properties and benefits

ALGAE: The seaweed is a very important food for our health, it is very difficult to find other foods such as seaweed we freed from impurities and toxins that our body accumulates over time.


Aloe Vera
Aloe vera properties

ALOE VERA: Defined as “miracle plant”, proved to be capable of halting the growth of several types of cancer.  The gel that is derived from its leaves contains 75 nutrients that help maintain health in all respects.


Banana properties

BANANA: Recent studies in Ireland show that the use of banana in our diet is closely related to a decrease in the incidence of renal cancer. Thanks high content of of potassium content …



Beer properties

BEERIf You drink beer, you will live century”, who has never heard this saying? All ways of saying, all the proverbs arise from a foundation, a fact of life.


Cabbages and Broccoli

Cabbage properties

BROCCOLI E CABBAGES: It contains magnesium, potassium and calcium in large quantities. Are rich in vitamin C, A, K, considered very useful as anticancer food, useful to view and strongly recommended to those suffering from gastritis.



Artichoke properties

ARTICHOKE: This vegetable, may be counted among the anti-cancer foods because, in its leaves, contains an active ingredient from the bitter taste which appears to have anticancer action: the cinaropicrina.


Carrots properties

CARROTS: They have powerful antioxidant properties that are derived from provitamin A, prevent cancer and infections, protect the arteries and strengthen the immune system.



Turmeric properties

TURMERICThe spice is derived from turmeric, a nice golden yellow color, contains hundreds of components, but scholarly attention has focused on one in particular: curcumin.



Ginseng properties

GINSENGIn ginseng has been isolated antioxidants, which not only block the harmful effects of free radicals and slow the aging of cells, may have an important anti-cancer activity.



Lemon properties

LEMON: An almost unique feature of the lemon is that it has the ability to flower continuously, so you can see in a lemon tree flowers, unripe fruits and ripe at once.


Licorice: Properties and benefits

LICORICE: Is a perennial herb of the Mediterranean region, in the family Papilionacea. The translation of his name from the greek meaning “sweet root” was used for medicinal purposes by ancient Chinese physicians.


Apple properties and benefits

APPLEThe apple tree is native of Asia, belongs to the family of Rosaceae and its trunk can reach eight meters high. Huge variety of apples exists, because, to date, there are about 2.000 varieties.



Honey properties and benefits

HONEYHoney is composed primarily of water, sugar, acids, proteins, minerals (mainly iron, calcium and phosphorus), substances and aromas of flowers, including pigments, tannin, phosphate and vitamins..



Blueberry properties and benefits

BLUEBERRIES: The blueberry is that to which they are recognized as many properties beneficial to the human organism. Due to its antioxidant properties, is definitely a food to be taken into account for a hypothetical anti-cancer diet.



Walnuts properties and benefits

WALNUTSfruit contains several antioxidants and therefore to be counted among the foods cancer; vitamin E, characterized by strong antioxidant properties, is able to keep under control the dangerous effects of free radicals much feared.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil properties and benefits

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: As reported by several studies, data are available that attach extra virgin olive oil major anticancer properties. This thanks to the presence of antioxidant substances contained in the oil.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Chili pepper properties and benefits

RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERNot long ago, as well as for food, there is one more reason to include it in our diet, some Japanese and American researchers have discovered that red chili pepper may have an important role in preventing prostate cancer.



Tomato properties and benefits

TOMATO According to a U.S. study appears to be an excellent ally in the fight against cancer, especially prostate, which, thanks to the presence of two acid can prevent the formation in the body of carcinogens.



Flaxseed properties and benefits

FLAXSEED: The most important aspect related to the properties of flaxseed regards the result of some research conducted in the United States seems to show how the consumption of flaxseed may reduce the risk of certain cancers.



Soy properties and benefits

SOYThe statistics tell us that the people of Asia, compared to Westerners, have a lower incidence of cancer, and this because these people have a diet free of animal fats and foods rich in soy.


Green Tea

Green tea properties and benefits

GREEN TEA: For centuries, we know his power anti cancer thanks to its catechins, real life-saving molecules. It was found that countries with high consumption of green tea, have a low     percentage of people suffering from cancer.


Nutrition and Anticancer Diet

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