TV Without Headphone Jack

TV Without Headphone Jack

If you are reading this page, it probably happened to you too that you bought a TV without headphone jack. Oh yes, although it may seem strange, many of the new ultra-moderna and latest-generation televisions do not have a headphone jack. Below you can see an example of the sockets available on the Samsung Mod. 43 KU 6000 TV.

TV without headphone jack
TV without headphone jack

As you can see, not only the headphone jack is missing, but also the RCA audio output sockets are absent. The only audio socket available is digital or optical.

For many people this situation can be a problem. Especially if you already have a  good quality headset and maybe even wireless or wireless ones.

The problem still remains, even if you do not yet have a pair of headphones  and you intend to buy new ones. Most of the headphones on the market in fact, all have the classic attack with 3,5 mm jack. There are also those equipped with digital / optical attack but the price (for now) is quite prohibitive.

What to do then if you bought a new TV without a headphone jack ? The problem can be solved with a small cost that does not exceed $ 20,00.

TV Without Headphone Jack: Solution

If you have purchased a TV without headphone jack, you can solve the problem by purchasing a simple adapter. This will allow you to convert the SPDIF optical signal to analog stereo .

Before you talk to the adapter board, if you have not already purchased, a good pair of stereo headphones wireless. The brand is Meliconi and the HP300 model. This device has a maximum reception range of 100 meters .

I’ve been using them for a few days and I have to say that I’m very satisfied. The sound quality is good  and there is also the possibility to adjust the sound directly from the headphones.

Cuffia Tv Stereo Senza Fili con Base di Ricarica, Nero

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But back to our audio converter adapter. To solve the problem of the TV without headphone jack we need to buy the adapter you see in the picture below.

Convertitore Audio Digitale Analogico, 192Khz Adattatore Ottico RCA da Coassiale Toslink Segnali Audio Digitali SPDIF ad Analogico RCA L/R e Jack 3.5mm (Cavi Ottici e Toslink Inclusi)

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As you can see the adapter is also equipped with a socket for a 3,5 mm jack. In the package there is the Toslink optical cable and a USB cable for the adapter power supply.

The connection is very simple. The optical cable is connected on one side to the digital socket of the TV and on the other side to the digital socket of the adapter.

Digital / optical audio socket
Digital / optical audio socket

Then you must connect the power cable to the USB socket on the TV and the other end to the hole on the adapter. Finally, connect the 3,5 headphone jack to the appropriate hole in the converter.

The Positive Side

If the lack of grip in the TV and the purchase of an adapter may seem a nuisance, in reality all this also has a positive side .

If you remember, in old TV when the headphone jack was inserted, the sound of the speakers was automatically turned off. The nice thing about this adapter is that you can manage the sound of your TV and headphones in a completely separate way.

Only use the remote control to adjust the sound of the TV speakers. In the headphones (those in the photo above) instead there is a wheel with which you can adjust the volume of the audio to your liking. Please note that if you buy a pair without the audio adjustment there is no other way to adjust the sound in the headphones .

This feature is useful when you want to watch television together with a person who feels little and needs headphones. In the old TV this was not possible.

As you have just seen, the problem of the television without headphone jack is solved with just a few dollars and also has advantages.

TV Without Headphone Jack

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