Walnuts: Properties and Benefits


Walnut are fruits of which we have many ancient testimonials. It seems that they come from Asia and have been introduced in Italy by the Greeks. The tree is impressive and majestic, and it is very appreciated not only for the quality but also for its fruit quality.

Walnuts: properties and benefits

Its leaves are very bulky and spring flowers appear in green, to be followed by the fruits of walnut, oval-shaped and covered with a kind of shell called compact green husk. When the walnuts ripen the husk dries and opens dropping the walnut to the ground; before being consumed walnuts need a period in which they must be allowed to dry, due to the high moisture accumulated inside the husk.

Chemical Composition

The walnuts, besides containing phosphorus, calcium, iron and potassium, is the largest fruit rich in zinc and copper elements that usually draw from the meat; this is the reason why walnuts are particularly suited to a vegetarian diet.

Walnuts are an oily fruit and consequently rich in nutrients. Their calorific value is very high, consider that for every 100 grams of edible part provides about 580 kcal. Among the vitamins are A, B1, B6, F, C, and D; Lastly, are very rich in fatty acids that help fight cholesterol, better known as “bad” cholesterol.

Healing Properties and Benefits of Walnuts

According to an American research walnuts, besides being hypercaloric have anticancer properties, in particular their regular consumption prevents the onset of breast cancer, this thanks to the abundant presence of omega3 fatty acids, in addition to a high content of antioxidants. Thanks to the presence of alpha-linolenic acid, also have digestive and diuretic properties.

Vitamin E, characterized by strong antioxidant properties, is able to keep under control the dangerous effects of free radicals so much feared. Also significant is the presence of an essential amino acid called arginine, very important for the health of our arteries; in fact, the arginine provides nitric oxide to the walls of the arteries, a substance that can fight and prevent arteriosclerosis. Several studies have also shown that regular consumption of walnuts help to significantly lower the risk of developing coronary heart disease .

Finally, in addition to the benefits described above, we can say that walnuts have additional properties: anti-anemic, draining, energy, laxative, nutrients, mineralizing, worming.

A Valid Allied for Sports

The high energy density of the walnuts, if one side is a negative factor for those who suffer from overweight, on the other side can be a very interesting element for anyone who plays sports. And it is interesting to note that arginine, cited above, has the ability to dilate the blood vessels that carry energy-rich substances blood to the muscles, in addition to oxygen, improving physical performance.


Walnuts: properties and benefits

Often, in the cosmetic field, the oil extracted from the husk of the walnuts is used for the preparation of protective sunscreen or even for the preparation of lotions, hair strengtheners; in fact, the walnuts extract has the property of being able to penetrate deep into the hair fiber giving it a softer appearance and inhibiting the fall.


These fruits can not be stored for a long time because they are subject to rancidity and because with time tend to increase their oiliness. For these reasons, the walnuts must be consumed fresh in order not to decrease their digestibility.

Possibly, because of their high energy value and caloric intake is not recommended to consume at the end of a hearty lunch.

How to Prepare Walnuts Liqueur

The ingredients: 12 husks, 5 cloves, 260 ml. of pure alcohol at 95 °, 3 cups of sugar an orange peel and a liter of wine.

Procedure: Cut the walnut husks into 4 pieces and place them in a clear glass container that let light pass with the orange peel, cloves and wine. Close the container and let soak in bright environment (preferably in the sun) for 90 days and remember to shake it twice a day.

After this period, filter content, take a part that will be used to make the sugar dissolve by heating. Once melted sugar wait that cools and joins the rest also adding alcohol. Finally, it is bottled in dark glass containers and let stand in a dark place for at least a month. Drink with moderation.


The harvest  is in the fall, namely from mid-September to late October, before they can be marketed walnuts shall be subjected to hulling, so as to prevent the shell blacken and washing to remove residual of the husk.

Walnuts: properties and benefits

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